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Poster: postunder Date: Jan 4, 2007 8:04am
Forum: netlabels Subject: Faxi Nadu and Friends - Secod In Command Remixes ALBUM (Postunder/FaxiIsland)

Artist: Faxi Nadu and Friends
Label: Faxi Island Records / Postunder Records
Title: Second In Command Remixes
Date: January 2007
Format: FLAX(WAV) / 320kbps mp3
Length: 59:27

1. Faxi Nadu - Second In Command (Faxi's Original SciFi Dreams Mix) 8:29
2. Faxi Nadu - Second In Command (Izba Tripovalnya's Spugadelic Fog Remix) 5:11
3. Faxi Nadu - Second In Command (Fright Rate's Cargo Hold Remix) 6:30
4. Faxi Nadu - Second In Command (Overhuman Project's Spooky Rabbits Remix) 8:09
5. Faxi Nadu - Second In Command (Overdosed's Twisted Mayhem Remix) 6:26
6. Faxi Nadu - Second In Command (LSDan's Hardcore Vibes Remix) 7:28
7. Faxi Nadu - Second In Command (Elmooht's Valium Remix) 2:35
8. Faxi Nadu - Second In Command (Chemical Reaction's Kill Your Enemies Remix) 7:46
9. Faxi Nadu - Second In Command (Megaheadphoneboy's Lullaby Remix) 6:43

Original track and album mastering by Yaron Eshkar.

"How did you like command?" - Commander William T. Riker

This album comes to you as a climax of an interactive internet project. After making the original version, the project files were posted on the Faxi Nadu website, where artists could pick it up and work thier own version.
It was a pleasent surprise to see all the people who took up the task and all the special remixes that came out
of it.

Cover art by: Teodor Tudorica

Copyright 2007 Faxi Nadu / Respective remix artists. All rights reserved.
Unauthorized duplication is a violation of applicable law.
Faxi Nadu - Faxi Nadu music features hard and kicking psytrance/techno with a dark and sinister twist.
Groovy horror tunes with a heavy dose of soundscapes, psychedelic effects, paranoid screams and groans -
suitable for partying on the dance floor. Influenced by the b-movie culture and the horror and
science fiction cultures - presenting a unique approach to dark psytrance.

Izba-Tripovalnya is a non-profit project from Moscow, Russia, born on the outcome of 2006.
Currently consists of one person, experimenting with producing some trippy-orientated stuff,
suomisaudi influenced. Opened for cooperation in similar style musicmaking, get in touch.

Fright Rate - Fright Rate is the dark psychedelic trance project of Seth Human which was created in the beginning of 2006. Seth began his psychedelic journey in 2000 where he attended underground events in Cape Town, South Africa.
In 2003 he started djing at most of the top organised events in South Africa such as Trancegression, Alien Safari
and Lunar Tech playing alongside artists such as N3xu5, Psychotic Micro, Frozen Ghost, Void, Eskimo, Skazi.
Seth later started experimenting with making his own tracks, concerntrating on minimal and tech trance. Towards the end of 2005 he started becoming attracted to the more darker, faster and twisted side of trance, this is when his new vision was born. His style as he describes it is "spooky, fucked up shit for the darkest hours" with influences from artists such as Claw, Paranoize, Horror place, Kemic-al, Highko and Savage Scream to name a few. The goal of this project is to connect and inspire like-minded people around the globe to live life as they have visioned.

Overhuman Project - This solo project was born in the beginning of the year 2001 with the help of the Colombian Psy-Trance Family Culture. The Style of this project is about to get mixed some most of the dark elements on a 70% with a 30% of Morning and Full on Together; for giving some pumping groove to the audience , with out getting so cheesy on the movements. We just want u to put your brain on work and meditate about human reality on future.

Overdosed - Rui Dias, born in 1988, is the name behind 0v3rd0s3d project. This project based in Aveiro, Portugal, was created in 2004, mainly, because of an need of artistic expression. With enumerous influences, starting on metal/rock and passing trough many electronic genres, 0v3rd0s3d is focused in night-time psychedelic music, with strong beats, fast synths and some groovy elements...

LSDan - LSDan originally started as a techno/acid project in 2001/2. Inspired by a psy/techno night in Leeds, England called Cabbage I started producing psy. More into dark, organic material, my biggest influences are Derango, Encephalopaticys and Terminator.

Elmooht - Elmmoht music is a powerful, no-nonsense, high voltage ambient - soundscapes - experimental - noise mixture. "In your face" multi-layered sounds, usually very dark and even paranoid, lots of mysterious atmospheres and a very distinct feel and storyline. Elmooht is a Faxi Nadu side project.

Chemical Reaction - Evan aka Chemical Reaction from Colorado U.S.A. has been a Psytrance junkie for many years, started producing using Reason, made the move to Cubase and the rest is history. Evan has unique, instantly recognizable heavy fullon style.

Megaheadphoneboy - Megaheadphoneboy is a very original artist and it is surely hard to associate his sounds to any other existing work. Born in South London and raised on the North Wales coast, 24 year old Andy Myers studied graphic design at Salford where he immersed himself in the off centre musical culture of Manchester. After an initial release via P2P offshoot Soulseek Records, a series of self-released works were put online and Megaheadphoneboy performed a set for the live 24 hour radio stream Netstockfest. In 2005, he released his latest album with Openlab Records in Naples and performed his first full live performance for Lab30, a small arts festival in Augsburg, Germany. This has been followed in 2006 with a lot of time in the studio and live appearances at the Sense3d soundsystem at Bestival and the NetaudioLondon festival.

Download 320kbps mp3 1.5-2 minute long album samplers:
Distributed and sold at:

Postunder Records

Faxi Island Records


D-A-R-K Records

Audio Jelly


Music And Bones

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